A Letter from Tyler, our Membership Manager, on our Spring 2022 Wine Club Release

Posted: February 18, 2022

Hello Turnbull Family!

Let me start this letter by extending our sincere gratitude to you for being a part of our extended wine family.
Whether you are new to our membership program, or you have been a devout ambassador of the Turnbull
brand for many years, our appreciation knows no bounds.

I became part of the Turnbull team one year ago because, much like you, I recognized that this place is special;
not just in the wines that we produce, but in the people, in our vineyards, and the sense of a warm embrace
that is felt when you walk through the entrance to the tasting room. The wines in this shipment represent the
culmination of our collective resolve to bring the absolute best of what the Napa Valley represents to your table.
Speaking of which, we are proud to unveil a few selections from the 2019 vintage in this shipment. Tasting
through these 2019 bottlings with our winemaker, Peter Heitz, we were both overwhelmed with pure sensory
euphoria and an overall excitement for the can’t-miss promise these wines possess.

It is our sincere hope that once you elect to open these bottles, they will plaster a purple-lipped smirk upon your
face, evoke fond memories and a yearning to be with us at the winery. Whenever that next visit may be, just
know that our doors will be open and we will always have a wine glass waiting.

Tyler Kohfeld
Membership & Shipping Manager
tyler@turnbullwines.com | 707.963.5839 x133