The Official Goose & Gander Burger Recipe

Posted: April 30, 2020

Stellar food and cocktails, along with a friendly public house vibe makes Goose & Gander one of the most exciting spots on the Napa Valley dining scene. The seasonally driven menu,
brought to life by executive chef Nic Jones, is full of unexpected flavors and touches of decadence (think elevated bar bites, or the divine G&G bone marrow burger served with duck fat fries).

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Goose & Gander to bring an all-new virtual tasting experience to the comfort and safety of your homes as Winemaker Peter Heitz and Chef Nic Jones prepare Goose & Gander’s classic G&G Burger to pair with our 2016 Oakville Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.

This virtual experience goes live on Thursday, May 7th at 4:00 pm PT. Click here to bookmark the link to our YouTube Channel in your browser.

Find the G&G Burger recipe below, and available for download here.


The G&G Burger

8 oz.                Grass Fed Beef Marin Sun Farms

1 slice             Gruyère Cheese Imported from Switzerland

2 slice             Bacon Heritage Foods USA

2 oz.                Remoulade – Goose & Gander

2 slice             Manhattan Pickle – Sonoma Brinery

2 leaves          Little Gem Lettuce – Goose & Gander Farms & local farmers

1 each             Ciabatta Bun – Model Bakery

1 oz.                Herb Butter – Goose & Gander


Start by getting your grill hot, we use a food fire grill with a combination of white oak and fruit wood. The wood fire is a distinct flavor in our burger, but if your cooking on charcoal or even gas all the other flavors will hold their weight.


Brush the 8-ounce beef patty with melted herb butter and a generous coat of salt. Put your seasoned patty on the grill and get good marks on your burger. The trick to getting good marks is not fussing with the patty, let the fire and grill grate do its job. After you flip the patty and the second side is cooked halfway thru your desired temperature then its time to add your cheese to melt. In the meantime, brush your bun with melted herb butter, lightly toast the bun on the least hot portion of your grill.


To assemble, slather remoulade on both sides on the bun. Lay two leaves of little gem lettuce on the bottom bun and the patty with melted cheese on top of that. Put crispy bacon and pickles over the top of the cheese. At this point you can add some of our optional additions such as bone marrow, fried duck egg or shaved truffles and serve it up with some duck fat fries!




Yields 2 quarts – Use extra sauce for salad dressing for shrimp remoulade or crab Louie or make a smaller portion.


1 qt.                       rice oil or vegetable oil

3 each                   egg yolks

1 each                   whole egg

2 oz.                      Dijon mustard

2 oz.                       siracha


Add all ingredients above in bowl or mixing vessel except oil. Begin mixing with whisk or stick blender, slowly drizzle oil in to emulsify. After emulsified fold in ingredients below.


5 oz.                      chopped capers

5 oz.                       chopped Manhattan pickles

5 oz.                       chopped cornichons

3 ½ oz.                  chopped tarragon

3 ½ oz.                  chopped chives

3 ½ oz.                  chopped dill


Note: Herb butter is made by infusing rosemary, thyme, sage, rough chopped garlic, and shallots. Simmer all ingredients for 10 minutes then stain.