Aging Your Turnbull Wines

Posted: February 28, 2019

We take pride in making premium wines revered not only for their distinguished beauty but for their balance and supreme quality – essential attributes for a wine that will age well in your cellar.

We release our wines when we feel they are ready for you to enjoy. If you choose to age your Turnbull selections, our wines come into their prime 5-10 years from the vintage date. If you find your palate favors an older wine with less dominant fruit tones, softer tannin, and more prominent tertiary tones, you can certainly enjoy your Turnbull Cabernet Sauvignons over the 15 – 20 years from their vintage date.

Storing your wines in a proper cellar environment is essential to ensure your wines age well over the long term. To start, we suggest laying down your red wines in a cool, dark space. Your cellar temperature is perhaps the most critical element to consider. 55° F is regarded as the perfect cellar temperature for aging your wines, but as long as your cellar space maintains a consistent temperature in the range of 52° F and 58° F, your wines will be safe.

To preserve the appearance of wine labels and to prevent corks from drying out (letting air into the bottle), the humidity of your cellar space is another factor to consider. A humidity level of 70 percent is ideal, although anywhere between 50 and 80 percent humidity is safe. Just as your cellar’s temperature should be consistent, your space’s humidity level is critical here – sudden and/or frequent jumps in humidity levels do not bode well for corks over the long term.

We believe that exceptional wines should be enjoyed wholly and often – and we make our wines to do just that. Whether you open your bottles immediately or patiently wait to cellar your collection, you can rest assured that our commitment to crafting exceptional wines to the highest quality will prove fulfilling for the moment you open and enjoy your Turnbull wines.