A Match Made in Flavor

Posted: September 27, 2018

In the history of the world, there are few industries as old as history itself. The wine and spice industries are among those stalwarts to stand the test of time, and both are distinguished for their economic, political, and social prominence throughout history that few other industries can boast. Whether traded as a currency or used as a vehicle for a religious celebration, wine and spices hold an undeniably essential place in the history of humanity.

While parallels between these two industries are numerous and vast, at their core lies a practice of tradition and provenance that we still value today. In the spirit of these parallels, we’ve partnered with Oaktown Spice Shop to create the ultimate wine and spice pairings to highlight flavors of time and place.

Oaktown Spice is not your mother’s spice shop; founders John Beaver and Erica Perez import hundreds of spices from thoughtfully selected sites and growers situated all over the world. Located in Oakland, John and Erica offer their Bay Area customers ground-on-scene spices and homemade blends that put grocery-brand spices to shame.

Our partnership with Oaktown Spice Shop is obvious to us for many reasons; Our businesses represent two worlds where the freshness of crop, time of harvest, and origin of place determine the quality of taste and, ultimately, the experience of the final prize.

In our worlds, supporting small farmers – whether locally or internationally – is critical to upholding the sanctity of the craft itself.

In our worlds, nuance of flavor is celebrated, bringing people together over shared experiences and great conversation.

With these shared values in mind, we’re proud to partner with Oaktown Spice Shop to offer custom spice blends, rubs, and brines in the form of two gift sets to enhance your holiday recipes to pair perfectly with our wines.

Visit our Gifts page to read more about the custom blends we’ve formulated to pair with our Turkey-to-Table and Holiday Roasting Gift Sets that we are excited to share with you this Holiday Season.