Fire Update

Posted: October 10, 2017

Update from Oakville.

Thank you all for your concern.  The fires have been devastating to our community, businesses, and farmland. We all have friends and family who have been affected by the fires and are still in a state of shock over how to proceed.

Turnbull has been fortunate.  All of our staff and family are safe.

The winery and home vineyard are safe.

Our Amoenus vineyard in Calistoga was at the center of the Calistoga fire.  From what we can see, we suffered great infrastructural damage, though, fortunately vines appear to be safe and only 5 tons of fruit remain on the vine. We have not yet been able to access the back bowl of the property due to bridge damage and safety concerns, but we hope for the same minimal vine damage there.

Both Fortuna and Leopoldina Vineyards remain untouched, but are close to the fire line.  We hope for no more winds and continued firefighting support to keep these properties safe.

Our harvest was 93% completed when the fires started, so our wines are safely in tank preparing for a notable Napa Valley vintage.

While we are all still getting our heads together, and don’t have any specifics on how to help,  one way you can help is by opening a bottle of Napa / Sonoma wine and plan a visit once we have had a moment to tidy up.

This is a resilient, kind, and proud community, and no doubt with each other’s support (including yours) we will all overcome


Stay True,

Your Turnbull Family