Update: Harvest 2017

Posted: September 18, 2017

Every vintage has its struggles; Whether it’s an earlier start to the growing season, or a lower fruit set at harvest, struggle is an intrinsic piece to the winemaking process. But, as many past vintages tell us, it is often – but not always – that the greater the struggle, the greater the wine.

Based on the struggle the Valley has experienced this year, 2017 could be an unbelievable vintage for wine.

Rains at the beginning of growing season, met with high heat throughout the summer, and *kissed* with an extreme heatwave at the end of August through early September, propelled a necessarily prompt picking to make for what has been a…particularly¬†wild harvest.

Despite these seemingly adverse events, we are confident in our 2017 vintage. Our outstanding vineyard, cellar, and winemaking teams have been working tirelessly to ensure that only the best fruit from our glorious vineyard sites reaches the crush pad. We change our harvest, winemaking, and future vintage release strategies every day, based on what Mother Nature has revealed to us that morning. We find assurance in our guiding philosophy: that whatever the outcome of this year’s harvest, we will continue to make wine as we always do: with intention and without compromise to quality and consistency.