Turnbull Becomes a Napa Green Certified Winery

Posted: August 17, 2017

The very existence of our business is beholden to the productivity of our land, and for that reason we have always been guided by a deep-rooted understanding of, and commitment to sustainability. We know that the decisions we make today will affect how future generations carry our legacy, so we strive to operate with a sense of responsibility, not only to our children, but to our land, employees, Valley, and devoted consumers, to lead with intention of environmental and social stewardship.

With this philosophy in mind, we set out to re-evaluate the way in which we conducted the everyday operations of our winery, with the goal of developing and elevating one of our leading business goals: to be a sustainable business, through and through.

We are pleased to share that after one year of critical examination of our operations we are now a Napa Green Certified Winery. From the paper products we use, to the type of lighting installed in our buildings, we have revamped our day-to-day activities and behaviors to ensure a more responsible and conservative use of our resources.

Similar to our own winemaking practices, the Napa Green Certification Program represents a holistic soil-to-bottle approach, holding its certified wineries to a higher standard of compliance beyond basic environmental policies, to truly tackle each step of the winemaking process in an effort to conserve energy and water, and reduce waste.

As a Napa Certified Green Winery, we look forward to continuing the growth of our brand—with the understanding that “growth” in our business will not always equate to monetary growth; from expanding our repertoire of environmentally conscious management practices, to providing meaningful opportunities to the people who make what we do possible, we strive to re-define the “long-term” and preserve what we always intended to be—honest stewards of the lands we’re lucky to farm and of the greater Napa Valley Community.