“A welcoming, old-school winery feel,” says Apt 34

Posted: February 14, 2017

“Turnbull is an unassuming space that maintains a welcoming, old-school winery feel. Family owned and operated, everything happens at the original barn-like structure built in 1979. And while it may appear understated, the property actually comes with quite the design pedigree.”

We loved reading about Erin Heimstra’s (the lovely lady behind the Apt.34 blog) take on the tasting experience here at the winery. She has a refreshing perspective on wine tasting in general, and encourages in her blog not to get bogged down in too many technical details here.

She says: “You don’t have to know esoteric descriptions to decide if you like a wine. You know if you relish every sip. You know if you intentionally take your time to enjoy your glass. I find the harder time I have describing a wine, the more I like it. Because it’s not straightforward. It’s not one note. It brings you back wanting more.”

We couldn’t have said it any better. Glad you enjoyed the wine, Erin!

Check out the entire post here.

Photo courtesy Kassie Borresson.