Our Winemaking

It starts with our estate-grown fruit, which we carefully tend to from the ground up. As a vigneron, Winemaker Peter Heitz is just as passionate about farming and fine tuning our vineyard practices as he is in making wine, crafting our final winemaking blends lot by lot. Guided by intuition, and partnering with our seasoned vineyard and winemaking team, Peter harvests each vintage’s fruit at our well-equipped estate winery in the heart of Oakville.

Our goal is producing world-class Cabernet Sauvignon with a reverence toward expressing the best of what our four estate vineyard sites provide each vintage. It starts with a painstaking process of vinifying lot by lot, tasting and evaluating each for specific attributes and characteristics. Like a complex puzzle, Peter weaves together a narrative of place. Lots are assigned one by one to final blends to showcase the personality of our flagship and single vineyard wines. The wines age in 100% French Oak barrels and bottle for an extended period before release. ​​​