Fire Update

Update from Oakville. Thank you all for your concern.  The fires have been devastating to our community, businesses, and farmland. We all have friends and family who have been affected by the fires and are still in a state of shock over how to proceed. Turnbull has been fortunate.  All of our staff and familyRead more

update: harvest 2017

Every vintage has its struggles; Whether it’s an earlier start to the growing season, or a lower fruit set at harvest, struggle is an intrinsic piece to the winemaking process. But, as many past vintages tell us, it is often – but not always – that the greater the struggle, the greater the wine. BasedRead more

tickets for our membership harvest dinner are here

As our favorite tradition draws near, we invite you to gather around the table to celebrate the harvest underway, our favorite wines of the past, and more exceptional winemaking to come. It is the occasion we look forward to all year, as it’s a chance for us to take a pause from the everyday, and enjoy a moment inRead more