Current photography show in our Gallery: Travel for Good

As easy as it is to fall in love with our serene home base in Oakville, we are always looking to expand our world and seek enrichment outside the amenities of the everyday.  As collectors of experiences, we can’t help but feel drawn to the striking work of Lisa Kristine. Lisa is more than a photographer: she’s a world traveler and storyteller. Her images captureRead more

Our 2013 Pierra Arrives Soon

The 2013 vintage of our PIERRA Cabernet Sauvignon is almost here. We cannot wait to release this beauty of a wine, which Robert Parker gave a perfect score of 100 points in the Wine Advocate. (Read the tasting note and review in the Notebook here). Pierra is a wine that is available to members ofRead more

Which Bottles to Drink Now

We had such a blast recently exploring our library, tasting through some past vintages and marveling at our good fortune (and yours if you’ve been patient!).  The mystery of how a wine will fulfill the patience of cellaring is always exciting to us.  Spoiler alert here… we’ve made note of some of the standouts, soRead more

Mastering the Blends

This time of year, the cellar is abuzz as Peter, our winemaker, meticulously works his way through the rows of barrels, tasting barrel by barrel to determine which will achieve stardom. It’s all part of the art of making our wines. We sat down with Peter to understand the process. How do you go aboutRead more

Summer Tasting Series – A First for Members

To celebrate our new, Members Only Drafting Room, we’re launching an exclusive series of tastings throughout the Summer. Grab a seat around the tasting table with Winemaker Peter Heitz. In a small, intimate setting, taste through a flight of library and exclusive wines that may have never been opened and shared before. Contrast older vintages withRead more

The Art and Craft of Blending our ’13s

Barrels and barrels. And more barrels. The art of blending a vintage begins with patience. Over hours and days and weeks, Peter coaxes and tastes the wines, looking for the characteristics that emerge as well as the potential each barrel might show later. These factors will determine where exactly a particular barrel may end up.Read more