Mastering the Blends

This time of year, the cellar is abuzz as Peter, our winemaker, meticulously works his way through the rows of barrels, tasting barrel by barrel to determine which will achieve stardom. It’s all part of the art of making our wines. We sat down with Peter to understand the process. How do you go aboutRead more

Harvest 2015: A Whirlwind

2015… where to begin? Each year we have our challenges and quirks, despite growing grapes in a region that’s known for relative consistency in climate and growing conditions year to year. We like to celebrate those variations as they occur, likening them to individual stamp or footprints of a time, place, season. This year wasRead more

California Home + Design Love

We’ve been big, big superfans of this local publication for some time. The pages are always a source of design inspiration and we were naturally so excited to have our story shared in the #WineCountry section. Have a read:  “A New Life for a Napa Valley Architectural Icon”

Summer Tasting Series – A First for Members

To celebrate our new, Members Only Drafting Room, we’re launching an exclusive series of tastings throughout the Summer. Grab a seat around the tasting table with Winemaker Peter Heitz. In a small, intimate setting, taste through a flight of library and exclusive wines that may have never been opened and shared before. Contrast older vintages withRead more

Behind the Making: Josephine Sauvignon Blanc and Rose

We’ve just released our 2014 vintages of our new Sauvignon Blanc offering, which we’re calling Josephine, and our Rose. They are both bottles reflecting a new perspective working with our estate fruit. We asked Winemaker Peter Heitz to share with us the story behind the making of these wines. What do we mean when we sayRead more

The Art and Craft of Blending our ’13s

Barrels and barrels. And more barrels. The art of blending a vintage begins with patience. Over hours and days and weeks, Peter coaxes and tastes the wines, looking for the characteristics that emerge as well as the potential each barrel might show later. These factors will determine where exactly a particular barrel may end up.Read more