update: harvest 2017

Every vintage has its struggles; Whether it’s an earlier start to the growing season, or a lower fruit set at harvest, struggle is an intrinsic piece to the winemaking process. But, as many past vintages tell us, it is often – but not always – that the greater the struggle, the greater the wine. BasedRead more

Current photography show in our Gallery: Travel for Good

As easy as it is to fall in love with our serene home base in Oakville, we are always looking to expand our world and seek enrichment outside the amenities of the everyday.  As collectors of experiences, we can’t help but feel drawn to the striking work of Lisa Kristine. Lisa is more than a photographer: she’s a world traveler and storyteller. Her images captureRead more

Let’s talk about ingredients in wine

In an industry where ingredient labels are non-existent, the ingredients used – and not used – in today’s wines is something we often discuss at the winery. And it appears others are talking about it too. Thank you, Eric Asinov and Esther Mobley, for touching on a topic we at Turnbull are obsessed with– winemaking, using trueRead more

Deep Roots

We have deep roots in the history of the Napa Valley, crafting wine for nearly 40 years from this original estate site in Oakville. Noted Northern California Architect William J. Turnbull was the original owner of the winery and vineyard, together with Reverdy Johnson. They purchased the winery in 1979 as a small project, startingRead more